Which enclosure to choose ?

Which pool enclosure or patio veranda to choose?

Get it made to measure!

The choice of colour, the right height, motorised or not, the choice of door (sliding or swinging)… You are unique, and so is your pool!

A high, medium height, low, lean-to swimming pool enclosure…?
Do you prefer a swinging facade, a fixed base or an accordion base, one or more side doors?

Our catalogue offers a very large range of enclosures divided into 4 categories: the family pool and patio enclosure, the enclosure for bars and restaurants, the large enclosure and the enclosure for industry.

Which enclosure to choose?

From the time you make initial contact until the installation stage, our advisers remain at your disposal, and our teams use their skills so that your POOL COVER pool enclosure is a perfect match for you, your personality and your needs.

Your pool will be covered by a pool enclosure made entirely “à la carte”.

Depending on the geographical and weather conditions of your site, the severity of your winters to the strength of the sun during your summers, the pool enclosures and covers must meet the standards and criteria that will assure you the greatest comfort and safety.

Weight of snowfall, exposure to strong winds, the orientation of the swimming pool…

Are also important factors taken into consideration by our advisers and engineers.

A pool enclosure installed in Sweden or Austria will therefore be FUNDAMENTALLY DIFFERENTfrom an enclosure designed for Spain. (As will the price, let’s be clear on that)