Pool Cover présente BEAU-RIVAGE, un abri de piscine super bas
Pool Cover: abri de piscine super bas BEAU-RIVAGE
Découvrez l'abri de piscine super bas BEAU-RIVAGE
Couverture de piscine super basse BEAU-RIVAGE (Pool Cover)
Abri de piscine super bas BEAU-RIVAGE de Pool Cover




The BEAU-RIVAGE pool enclosure is also known as the super low pool enclosure. Its height inside the lowest section is 17cm. It is ideal for any customers who favour discretion.

Ideal for keeping your pool water completely clean, warmer (+8 to 12°C) and secure.

Reliability and robustness: Most low pool enclosures present on the market are designed to comply with the snow load resistance standard imposed by the French Standard, which is 45 kg/m2. We believe that the height of the pool enclosure in no way alters the risks associated with snow load. As a result, we require our enclosures to have identical resistances, although our low pool enclosures are actually “small high enclosures”. The sections and parts by which our pool enclosures are constituted are identical. Our customers opt for the safety and reliability of the product, especially in areas exposed to snow.

The BEAU RIVAGE model, just like all other models of the range, is designed to provide a snow load resistance of up to 60kg/m2. We can increase the resistance up to 120 kg/m2 on demand.

The BEAU RIVAGE is always produced with sides with straight corners (also known as “3 angles”).

In its standard version, the BEAU RIVAGE model consists of “x” sliding sections, 1 fixed section and 2 fixed rears.

Consider asking our technician about the many possibilities of ensuring that your RIVIERA pool enclosure is fully in keeping with your expectations. There is an almost infinite number of adaptations, as chosen by you.



  • (x) sections including 1 fixed section
  • 1 fixed front without a door in the narrowest section
  • 1 fixed rear with a sliding door in the widest section
  • The door is fitted with a key and lock
  • The height of the brushes between the front and the floor is 50mm
  • The height of the brushes between the fixed rear and the floor is 50mm
  • The castors are made from polyamide and have a diameter of 100 mm. There are 8 per section.
  • The accessories are made from A2 stainless steel or aluminium
  • The anchors are A2 stainless steel cases with an M14 diameter and depth of 160mm
  • The anchors are attached by a 2-component chemical seal (epoxy)
  • The anchors are fitted with caps
  • The floor attachments consist of A2 stainless steel bolts with a butterfly head
  • The floor attachments of the first mobile section are fitted with keys
  • The side walls are fitted with SAN 4 mm transparent sheets
  • The roofs are fitted with PC translucent alveolar sheets (polycarbonate 6mm)
  • The seal between the sections consists of nylon brushes on a stainless steel backing.
  • The height of the first section is 0.17m and is measured at the cross beam and inside the enclosure (see drawings)
  • The theoretical length is always a multiple of 2.10 m. It is important to refer to the drawings to acknowledge the actual dimensions which are often greater than the theoretical dimensions.
  • Other dimensions and types of construction on demand.


  • Change the height of the fixed rear brushes
  • Raising of the fixed rear to allow it to move without scraping against the floor (large brushes)
  • Replacing the translucent roof sheets with OPALINE white sheets
  • Replacing the brushes between the sections with black EPDM seals
Important comments
  • There is a possible tolerance of 3% between the theoretical dimensions validated by the customer through the drawings and the actual dimensions of the delivered product. The seller and its customer must take this comment into account and consider the necessary tolerances at the installation site of the enclosure so that no difficulties are encountered.
  • The pool enclosure offered in this document is fitted with a light aluminium structure which is compliant with French Standard NF P90-309 and is able to resist a snow load equivalent to or less than 45 kg/m2. In the event of snow, it is important to clear the snow from the enclosure in order to avoid any risk of irreparable deformation.
  • Under no circumstances may the system of sliding modules on castors be assimilated with an airtight building, either at the level of the roof, the doors, the openings, the glazed surfaces, between the sliding sections and other joint systems.
  • The end customer will make sure that the support (floor) of the pool enclosure has a concrete stud which is at least 15cm thick at the level of its running rail.
  • In a bid to prevent the infiltration of rainwater via the ground, the end customer will make sure that there is a slope in the paving which begins at its highest point from inside to outside of the enclosure. In general, a slope of 1% is deemed to be sufficient.



Fixed rear with sliding door

Abri de piscine super bas BEAU-RIVAGE - Fiche technique 1

Suspended fixed front (large brushes)

Abri de piscine super bas BEAU-RIVAGE - Fiche technique 2
Abri de piscine super bas BEAU-RIVAGE - Fiche technique 3
Abri de piscine super bas BEAU-RIVAGE - Pool Cover

The “extra-low” model stands out due to its discretion and its perfect integration into your garden.

Would you like to protect your pool while giving your garden an extra little touch?

  • The enclosure folds up on itself: so it takes up less room.
  • Once closed, thanks to the greenhouse effect, the water temperature will rise by between 8°C and 12°C depending on the time of year.

When you marry the transparency with the aesthetics, you get a whole host of advantages.


  • During bad weather;
  • The temperature increase in your pool;
  • Withstands strong wind, heavy rain and snow.


  • Your children, grandchildren and family can play without fear;
  • Fitted with an anti-theft device to give you peace of mind.

Comfort and pleasure:

  • Impeccably clean water all the time;
  • Softer water from fewer maintenance products;
  • Sheltered from leaves and dirt.

Let the youngsters enjoy the garden. The POOL COVER swimming pool enclosure will bring you tranquillity and peace of mind.

We will help you to select the swimming pool enclosure that suits you best: Extra-low telescopic swimming pool enclosures:

  • They can be made in all sizes (length, width);
  • They can be painted any colour;
  • They are made exclusively with right-angle sections (also called 3 angles);
  • They open in the direction you prefer (for example, towards a single fixed section);
  • They are fitted with or without rails;
  • They are generally suitable for the majority of swimming pools.

POOL COVER offers you a swimming pool enclosure that is extremely robust and easy to use.

  • The extra-low telescopic swimming pool enclosure is easy to handle, with a sliding action on wheels and a guidance system fitted to the side of the structure (the drawer principle).
  • The enclosure can be opened manually or using a remote-controlled autonomous motor. This device can be installed later.
  • Thanks to the extra-low sliding enclosure, you are always on holiday!

All our enclosures and covers comply with the French standard NF P 90 309.

Important comment: Due to its extremely fine intrinsic qualities and the integrity of its guarantees, the price of a POOL COVER product will always be higher than other models offered by discount manufacturers, ‘cut-price’ retailers or Eastern European manufacturers.