Are you a spa devotee? Does your outdoor wooden spa need too much maintenance?

Are those moments of relaxation that the spa provides too few and far between for your liking? Would you like to enjoy it at any time and in any weather?

Elegant and suitable for all types of spa, our covers offer you protection from bad weather all year round. You will be able to stretch out and relax whenever you feel like it.

Your spa will be protected from harmful outdoor elements such as leaves or rainwater (the main cause of higher pH in the spa’s water), with less maintenance.

When you marry the transparency and aesthetics of a veranda with the comfort of a pool enclosure you can open, rather like a convertible car, you have a haven of peace.

Your opportunity to make your pool area an enjoyable and relaxing environment:

  • Stay out of the water and sit around the pool;
  • Read or just recline comfortably in your deckchair;
  • Play with the children in safety;
  • Chat with your family and friends…

As an extension to the house or completely outside. Enjoy a host of benefits:


  • During bad weather;
  • The temperature increase in your pool (between 8°C and 12°C depending on the time of year);
  • Withstands strong wind, heavy rain and snow…


  • Your children, grandchildren and family can play without fear;
  • Fitted with an anti-theft device to give you peace of mind.

Comfort and pleasure:

  • Impeccably clean water all the time;
  • Softer water from fewer maintenance products;
  • Sheltered from leaves and dirt.

Let the youngsters enjoy the garden.

The POOL COVER swimming pool enclosure will bring you tranquillity and peace of mind.

POOL COVER offers you a spa cover that is extremely robust and easy to use.

  • The spa cover can be made in all sizes (length, width, height) and all colours. It is generally suitable for the majority of spas.
  • They can be made with right-angle panels (also called 3 angles) or cut-off corners (also called 5 angles).
  • The POOL COVER spa cover can also be attached end-on to your home. With this arrangement, you go directly from the house to the spa without setting foot into the garden. An appreciable comfort, especially for those who feel the cold.
  • You decide which way your cover will open. For example, it is possible to open it towards a single fixed section. In this case, all of the sections fold up from the same side. It is also possible to have a central opening with two fixed sections.

We will help you to select the swimming pool enclosure that suits you: Telescopic swimming pool enclosures for spas:

  • With or without rails, the telescopic spa cover is easy to handle, with a sliding action on wheels and a guidance system fitted on the side of the structure (the drawer principle).
  • The cover can be opened manually or using a remote-controlled motor. This can be installed later.
  • Thanks to its ‘accordion’ or ‘swinging’ facade system (front and back), your spa is almost always open, as all the sections fold into one.
  • You can have sliding doors wherever you want them. They can be installed on the facades or on the sides.

All our spa enclosures and covers comply with the French standard NF P 90 309

Pool Cover - Abri pour jacuzzi