Our research department

Our research department: a cutting edge pool enclosure

More than 20 YEARS of expertise and reputation AND more than 5,000 satisfied customers!

The facts :

Contrary to popular belief, 98% of pool cover manufacturers are small and medium-sized businesses. (Fewer than 50 people)

Faced with customers wanting the best possible price and extremely fierce competition, pool covermanufacturers have, over the last 20 years, striven constantly to satisfy the demands of the market.

As proof of this, prices in 2011 are identical to those in 1990, in spite of many technical improvements and increases in salaries and the cost of materials.

How have manufacturers managed this?

Lower quality materials, lighter structures, poor workmanship by poorly qualified workers coming from eastern or other countries, bulk deliveries of enclosures to the customer (3 or 4 per truck), non-existent after-sales service, no real guarantee, internet sales, no properly established company in the country, cut-price sales… in short, a lot of ploys designed to reduce costs and margins.

Reductions that often seem favourable when the order is placed, but that prove IN EVERY CASE to be detrimental to customer satisfaction.

You only have to look on eBay to see the number of pool enclosures there, second hand but often quite new. What is more, these pool covers have been made by the best known brand in the field…


POOL COVER has made the following decisions:

  • To improve quality by selecting the best materials available.
  • To increase the overall sturdiness of its pool enclosures.
  • To improve the finish of the product by improving the comfort of the workers
    (80% of the assembly is carried out in the workshop, sheltered from bad weather)
  • Constant replacement of manufacturing equipment (more accurate machinery)
  • To make on-site assembly (at the customer’s location) easier for faster and more careful work.
  • To improve the quality of the after-sales service.
  • To increase the financing of our ‘Research & Development’ department.
  • To provide continuous training for every member of the POOL COVER workforce
  • To make the company financially stronger
  • To extend the guarantee to 15 years

Our research development centre

Our swimming pool enclosures and covers are given some rough treatment in order to provide and protect the required level of comfort: pollution of all sorts, wind, gale, snow, hail, acid rain, etc.

The production of an enclosure requires the most rigorous care from the design stage onwards.

Our swimming pool enclosures, whatever the model, are made to last and to withstand anything!

Combining beauty, elegance and discretion, our pool enclosures are also incomparable on a technical level:

To ensure this essential combination, POOL COVER, thanks to its research department and its specialised engineers and technicians, checks, calculates, creates and tests its products to provide durability and a long working life as well as an indispensable quality.

Very IMPORTANT: Every enclosure, from the largest (e.g. for a water park) to the smallest (e.g. for a spa) is subject to a ‘DESIGN CALCULATION’ for snow and wind in compliance with the legal provisions for construction such as French standard NV65.

If necessary, Pool Cover does not hesitate tot outsource its research to other competence centres.

The advantage in doing this is receiving a point of view unconnected to our own familiar opinion and that can sometimes produce unexpected solutions…

Brimming over with innovation and bursting with ideas, always on the lookout for new developments, POOL COVER’s researchers remain at the cutting edge of the technology in their field of expertise.