SUMMUM - Couverture de piscine Pool Cover
SUMMUM, votre abri de piscine pour collectivités
Abri de piscine pour collectivités - SUMMUM
SUMMUM, couverture de piscine pour collectivités
SUMMUM - véranda rétractable


Retractable pool cover for public and community pools

Pool Cover specialized in the production of very wide enclosures to meet the demands of Sports Centres and public pools.

We give camp sites, sports centres and hotels the opportunity to increase the profit of their facilities via our pool enclosures which are specially designed for public pools and large pools.

The time spent on the maintenance of the pool is greatly reduced. Your customers or users can use the pool for a much longer period and even all year round.

Your pool remains an outdoor pool with increased energy, safety and comfort, but with fewer maintenance operations!

We design the pool enclosure to your specifications. A comprehensive study with the cooperation of our engineer and our technicians will produce a proposed enclosure which is fully in keeping with your situation and requirements.

Pool Cover has already covered several large pools and is well aware of the particular requirements of the owners of large pools open to the general public such as sports centres, camp sites, hotels or town halls.

Couverture de piscine pour collectivités - SUMMUM

The retractable pool enclosure and veranda for public use: large made-to-measure enclosure

Sports centres and public swimming pools: Pool Cover makes your large enclosure

Could your sports centre be more popular? Do you have to spend too much time maintaining the swimming pool at your campsite?

Would you like your customers to enjoy your outdoor pool for longer periods throughout the year?

Enjoy more comfort, safety and energy savings, all with less maintenance!

This combination of advantages is possible thanks to our made-to-measure POOL COVER telescopic enclosures and verandas.

Completely made to measure (like all our enclosures and verandas), a full survey of your premises will be carried out by our team comprising an engineer and technicians who will ensure that the enclosure is installed in a way that doesn’t spoil your environment.

POOL COVER specialises in swimming pool enclosures intended to cover very large pools designed for use by the public.

Thanks to a wealth of experience in this sector, we provide a tailor-made response adapted to the specific requirements of large structures.

Enclosures for swimming pools specially designed for local authorities, campsites and communities are original, elegant, robust and secure.

They allow you to:

  • broaden your customer base and develop customer loyalty;
  • make savings on heating and maintenance;
  • provide your installations with more safety, comfort and modernity;
  • make a long-term investment with maximum returns.

Our research and design department designs enclosures for

  • Communal swimming pools;
  • Water parks;
  • Open air hotel accommodation.

Our products are customised: from the most complex to the most basic.
We draw up all the plans required for an application for planning permission.

All our structures intended for installation on public swimming pools undergo a thorough inspection and are issued a statement indicating the strength of the swimming pool in compliance with standards NV65 and N84, officially approved by an external independent research company.