The retractable enclosure and telescopic cover for industrial application

Enclosure for manufacturing facilities, protection of machinery or cranes, clean rooms (white rooms).

We facilitate your work by offering more efficient and more reliable production.

Save time and money by, for example, installing a retractable roof enabling you to move bulky machinery or transport cumbersome objects.

This combination of advantages is possible thanks to our made-to-measure POOL COVER telescopic enclosures.

Completely made to measure (like all our enclosures), your production facility is analysed by our representative who will help you to make the right choice.

Are you looking for a large sliding or telescopic enclosure to suit the size of your business?

POOL COVER can create, just for you, an enclosure adapted to your industry.

Within a short timeframe and at a competitive price, we offer a special service for unconventional requirements.

Our products are approved and comply with the stictest standards.

Models that are specially conceived for industry are designed and produced to meet your professional (or personal) requirements) promptly and at a competitive price.

They can be made with right-angle sections (also called 3 angles) or with cut off corners (also called 5 angles), or further alternatives…